Terraforce Blocks: versatile retaining blocks for landscaping and erosion control

The team at Decorton is proud to represent, supply and install a product such as the retaining blocks from Terraforce®. Terraforce is an established and ward-winning company that specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of concrete retaining blocks of a wide variety. Their products are environmentally friendly and are mostly used for landscaping and erosion requirements.

Terraforce Blocks interlock horizontally as well as vertically, with optional keys and no air voids. They have a closed vertical and open horizontal surface structure and as such, they lend themselves ideally to the construction of light terrace walls, medium to heavy gravity walls, as well as heavy composite walls.

These units are lightweight for easy delivery, handling and installation, yet they are heavy in mass when filled with soil, gravel or concrete, ensuring a stable structure.

Convex and concave corners and curves of unrestricted radius allow us to complete complex designs to suit various site conditions and client requirements. The units may also be reversed so that a variety of appearances and features can be created within the retaining wall structure.

These blocks are completely versatile, reversible and their interlocking elements may be applied to control light erosion problems, as well as heavy composite earth retaining requirements. Professional installation will result in a functional and fully plantable retaining wall. These retaining blocks are most often used for the terracing of sloping sites, stabilising of embankments next to rivers, driveways, swimming pools and roads, or for creating staircases and walkways of various designs.

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Terraforce® Blocks are available in assorted designs:

Terraforce Blocks are available in a range of designs, to meet the diverse retaining requirements of different projects. Options include:

  • Terraforce Retaining Block® – this retaining block is Terraforce’s standard option. It is a versatile block that is ideal for a range of landscaping and erosion control requirements. These blocks can adapt to most environmental situations and can also be used to construct seating structures such as pavilions. The blocks are available in various sizes, including L11, L12, L15, L16 and L17 – the number refers to the number of blocks required per square metre.
  • Terraforce Rock Face® – the Rock Face blocks are the same as the standard option, with a different finish. These blocks are most often used to create beautiful terraced gardens and landscape features, as well for heavy duty retaining, sediment control, seashore protection and erosion purposes.
  • Multi 4×4® – This retaining block is light and versatile and is most often used to construct lower terrace walls, seating structures and stairs, which makes it a popular choice for leisure amenities and sportsground facilities. This block is an economical and efficient retaining product.
  • Terracrete® – This eco-surface, hard lawn paving block was introduced in South Africa in 2002. These blocks can be laid in different patterns to meet different requirements and are most often used next to riverbanks and other terrains subject to erosion. It is also used to pave grass roads and parking areas to prevent the grass from being destroyed by heavy vehicles.
  • Terrafix® – Manufactured from high-strength concrete, this retaining block was specifically designed to provide a cost-effective barrier against wind and water in erosion prone terrains. The blocks are available in assorted thicknesses and can be laid in different configurations to meet various retaining needs.

Why consider Terraforce® Blocks for your retaining structure?

The use of these retaining blocks are known for minimising evaporation, improving drainage and delivering effective backfill compaction. In addition, overhanging plant growth is a sure way of deterring graffiti or vandalism. Furthermore, Terraforce® offers the following benefits:

  • You can create a beautiful, living wall by planting vegetation in the openings of each block
  • These blocks are extremely durable and therefore ensure a long-term installation
  • Blocks can be installed without mortar, making it cost-effective and easy to build with
  • The unique designs of the blocks allow for layout flexibility and blocks can be laid in different patterns to meet different retaining requirements
  • Retaining blocks are available in smooth or rockface textures to meet client preferences
  • Blocks are available in different colours to meet client preferences
  • Due to being light in weight, these blocks are easy to deliver, handle and install
Feel free to visit www.terraforce.com for more information. Here, you can also browse through projects that were completed using various Terraforce retaining blocks. Alternatively, give us a call to discuss your retaining project requirements.
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