Gabions are popular for retaining and decorative purposes

Gabions are another one of our exceptional retaining solutions at Decorton. These attractive installations have historically been used in a variety of retaining alternatives and have become a popular trend in modern architecture and landscaping. If you are interested in having gabion walls or baskets installed at your property, you have come to the right place!

The word Gabion is derived from the Italian word “gabionne” which literally means “big cage.” In its simplest form, a gabion is a wire cage filled with rocks. Sometimes, the wire mesh baskets are also filled with concrete, sand, or soil, depending on the project specifications. Gabions are used for various commercial and residential requirements including road structuring, civil engineering, landscaping and also some military requirements.

At Decorton, we specialise in the supply and superior installation of Gabions for a variety of applications – be it commercial, industrial, or residential. We have partnered with respected service providers in the industry to ensure that we only make use of the best tools and materials for our Gabion installations. It is our aim to provide each client with a lasting installation that meets their exact requirements.


5 interesting facts about Gabions:

Gabions are becoming more widely used in commercial and residential properties, both for functional and decorative purposes, as they are aesthetically pleasing retaining solutions. The team at Decorton has become experts in the design and installation of all kinds of Gabion walls and baskets, and with first-hand experience in a diverse range of projects, clients can have complete confidence in our ability to provide a lasting and efficient retaining solution.

If you are still considering whether a Gabion is the right option for your property, here are 5 interesting facts about this age-old retaining solution to help you make a decision:

  • Gabions are a practical solution
    Gabions are not only attractive when installed as part of a garden design, they are also practical and great for protecting your property against wind and noise, or to add extra privacy. Not only are Gabions functional, but also attractive.
  • Gabions are robust and long-lasting
    The wire used for the Gabion baskets is galvanised and therefore corrosion resistant. As natural stone is used to fill the baskets, Gabions are naturally weather-resistant. Gabions are extremely durable and will look new and well-maintained for many years.
  • They require little maintenance
    Gabions are simple to install as they require very little preparation. When installing Gabions, no foundations are necessary. Once installed, Gabions walls require very little maintenance – especially when long-lasting materials are used for the installation.
  • They are versatile
    Gabions have become part of many commercial and residential properties’ exterior and interior designs. These structures are versatile and can be used for fencing, retaining, walls, garden features, seating, interior features, and much more.
  • Gabions are eco-friendly
    Gabions are filled with natural stone and are therefore environmentally friendly. Property owners will also find that gabions are an ideal shelter for small animals and insects.

About the different Gabion designs:

Gabions are manufactured in 3 typical designs to meet various functional requirements. We will be able to advise you on the best design suited for your terrain and application requirements once we have assessed it. These 3 designs include:

  • Bastion Gabions:
    A Bastion Gabion is filled with granular sand or soil instead of natural stone. To accommodate the soil fill, these baskets are lined with a geotextile membrane.
  • Mattress Gabions:
    Mattress Gabions are the most common. These baskets are relatively small in height, but are usually very wide. The baskets are filled with natural rocks and this design is most often used around water structures and to prevent erosion..
  • Trapion Gabions:
    These Gabions are designed with a trapezoidal cross section which allow the baskets to be stacked on top of each other.

When determining the most suitable Gabion design for a client’s requirements, our team will take a range of factors into consideration. Some of these factors include the terrain, soil type, slope angles, rock types available in the area, budget and timeframe, design preferences, and more.

If you would like to find out more about the retaining solutions available from the team at Decorton, including beautiful Gabions of a wide variety, you are welcome to contact us via phone or email.


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