The construction possibilities for retaining blocks in Cape Town are boundless!

With the advancement in technology and installation techniques, the applications for retaining walls have multiplied in recent years. Long gone are the days that retaining wall installations were solely completed to restrain soil to an unnatural slope, nowadays it is also used to create beautiful landscape designs, access stairs, driveways, pavilions, and more. As far as retaining blocks Cape Town are concerned, Decorton is known for its innovative and effective retaining solutions and installations that are suited to both residential and industrial applications.

Our more than capable team of engineers, architects and landscaping experts, with years’ experience in the retaining wall industry, have completed various projects across the country and have become known to install superior retainer systems that are functional and durable. Regardless of how challenging the installation is, be it steep slopes, coastal dunes, waterlogged clay, riverbanks, or areas with restricted access, with our expert knowledge on local terrains, clients can rely on us to get it done!

Along with our team’s expertise and experience in retaining solutions, we have also partnered with some of the best service providers in the industry to ensure that we only make use of quality retaining blocks and products to conduct our installations. Some of our products include Decorwall block®, Löffelstein® blocks, Grinaker Terrace Blok ® and Geogrid, all of which are used to provide each client with an efficient and long-term retaining solution.

Reasons to consider installing retaining walls:

Retaining walls serve numerous functions in the commercial and residential sectors. Although many retaining walls nowadays are installed for decorative purposes, these walls also serve practical functions. Some of the most common reasons why people choose to install retaining systems include:

  • To increase the amount of space available:
    When a property is sloped, you may lose some useable space. By having a retaining system installed on your property, you can create additional useable space by levelling the terrain.
  • To improve drainage:
    Retaining systems are often installed to improve drainage in certain areas to avoid flooding. Retaining systems can be designed and installed to redirect water which is especially helpful in areas where water may run down a slope towards a property – by directing the water away, the terrain can drain properly to avoid water-related issues.
  • To prevent erosion:
    Erosion is caused by water, wind and gravity. By installing a retaining system, you can prevent erosion from eroding land on your property.
  • For improved privacy:
    By installing a retaining wall between your property and the next, you can improve your own privacy.
  • To achieve certain landscape designs:
    Creating a beautiful landscape in a sloped garden can be challenging as the soil may move down the slopes. By installing a retaining wall, you can accommodate this natural pressure and create any garden design you wish.
  • For visual impact:
    With the variety of retaining walls available today, many residential and commercial property owners incorporate retaining systems into their landscape designs for visual impact.


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    Some of the uses for retaining walls include:

    Retaining walls are used all around us. You will notice them when driving along certain freeways, when driving through neighbourhoods in high-lying areas, at sporting grounds, and more. Here are some of the most common applications for retaining systems:


    • Stairs – access stairs for domestic or commercial gardens, etc.
    • Pools – retaining pool enclosures, landscaping around pools, constructing level areas around pools.
    • Driveways – making space for the construction of a domestic driveway, regardless of how steep the slope is.
    • Tennis Courts – embankments, stairs or pavilions surrounding tennis courts.
    • Embankments – beautiful embankments for domestic and landscaping purposes.
    • Garden features – the creation of garden features and borders with the use of our retainer blocks.
    • Pavilion seating.


    • Embankments – installation of embankments for industrial purposes, including wine cellars, freeways, railways, waste-water treatment facilities, etc.
    • Stairs, seating and pavilions – pavilions and seating at schools, sporting grounds, etc.
    • Railways – retaining systems are often used to install railways through narrow, sloped areas.
    • Highways – retaining solutions can be used to clear terrain, allowing for freeways to be built anywhere.

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    Some well-known projects that we have completed around the Western Cape, include:

    • Tygervalley Waterfront
    • Tygerberg Shopping Centre
    • Tygerberg Office Park
    • V&A Waterfront
    • Helderberg Village
    • Bayside Shopping Centre
    • Oasis Retirement Centre
    • Transnet (Sishen, Northern Cape)
    • Metrorail Cape Town
    • Cape Town City Council
    • Western Cape Road Projects
    • Llandudno main access road
    • Green Point Stadium
    • Cape wine estates
    • Kanonberg and L’Ormarins
    • Table Mountain National Park

    We are also pleased to mention that we were part of large domestic projects such as managing the mountain slopes of Boyes Drive above Kalk Bay, Clifton’s Nettleton Road, as well as at various estates in Bishopscourt and Constantia.

    For complete peace of mind when installing retaining blocks Cape Town, be sure to get in touch with professionals such as our team members.


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