Loffelstein retaining walls are perfect for slope heights from 1m–8m

Loffelstein retaining walls are known as a superior choice when wanting to complete a dry-stacking, interlocking retaining system. This product has been specially engineered to be employed as a facing to any geosynthetic, reinforced slope or for Geonail or rock-anchored cut slopes.

Decorton proudly represents and installs Loffelstein blocks, most often for industrial clients These retaining blocks are unique, due to their adaptability and plantability and are used for the construction of retaining walls that are between 3-8m in height. The blocks’ unique design and thickened base prevents it from being crushed under the mass of the completed wall. It is also the only block that exceeds 20mpa strength when manufactured, most other blocks are only 12mpa in strength.

During the installation of Loffelstein retaining walls, care should be taken during the construction of its foundation. Each foundation must be designed and laid in accordance with the specific project, but in most cases a concrete foundation should suffice. Since our team has years’ of experience in the installation of these retaining walls, clients can rest assured that we will install the correct foundation to minimise any possible structural movements or maintenance.

These walls are plantable, and it is recommended that indigenous ground covers are planted into the block cavities once the project is completed. Not only will plant growth leave the wall looking more appealing, but it can also aid in the long-term stability of the structure.

Loffelstein retaining walls are best known for:

Loffelstein blocks are known for being heavy duty, which is why it is often used to complete industrial retaining projects. Some features that make this product a favourable option, include:


  • Structurally stable – suitable for dry-stacking, no need for additional concrete fill.
  • Available in heavy duty blocks.
  • Colour and texture options – comes in standard design, non-standard available by order only.
  • Ideally suited for retaining cut or fill slopes between 3 and 8m in height, best suited next to freeways, railways, etc.
  • Available in three basic block sizes - L300 / L500 / L750 and heavy duty range.


Please consult us for more applications and details about this versatile retaining product.


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