Grinaker Terrace Blocks are perfect for landscaping purposes

If you are looking to install a retaining system to support the slopes in your garden, but you dread the dominating appearance of terrace blocks, the Grinaker Terrace Blok® system is the perfect solution!

The design of these blocks is specifically suited to promote plantability and the growth of all kinds of flowers and plants. Through experience, we have learnt that plants that grow well, will grow even better within the shelter of these retaining blocks. The entire appearance of this structure can therefore be enhanced by planting herbs, flowers, or creepers in each of the cavities.

Reasons why Grinaker Terrace Blok® is an industry leader:

When choosing the correct retainer blocks for your retaining needs, several factors need to be taken into consideration, including plantability, adaptability, costs, durability, etc. The installation of a Grinaker Terrace Blok® is highly recommended for landscaping purposes and for providing support to slopes in domestic or commercial gardens.


Some of the unique features that distinguish these blocks from industry competitors, include:


  • Economic Option: if professionally installed, clients should only require 8 blocks per square meter.
  • Different Facing Options: clients have the option to choose between open or closed facing due to a unique slider that fits easily between the blocks.
  • Plantability: the open back and trough shape creates a greenhouse effect within the blocks. This promotes healthy and rapid plant growth with unrestricted space for root    systems that will also aid the stabilisation of the embankment.
  • Quality Guarantee: this product is manufactured strictly in adherence to ISO 9002 requirements and carries a full manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Performance Guarantee: full scale tests have been conducted by geotechnical engineers to establish the design integrity of this retaining system.


We at Decorton proudly support and install this quality retaining wall product for all residential or industrial purposes.


If you are interested in installing a Grinaker Terrace Blok® system and you are looking for contractors that you can rely on, look no further!   Contact us today to discuss your needs.


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Reasons why Grinaker Terrace Blok is an industry leader: