Want to install Gabion baskets, or a Gabion wall??

Gabion baskets refer to a wire mesh box, also known as a container or basket, filled with assorted types of rocks to retain soil and/or prevent erosion. These aesthetically pleasing retaining systems are often used along river courses, where high erosion is an issue, as well as in large, flat areas where soil loss is a problem. Aesthetically pleasing and environmentally suited to most retaining requirements, Gabion walls are increasingly popular and are often seen at upmarket residential estates and wine estates.

At Decorton, we specialise in the supply and superior installation of Gabion walls for a wide variety of applications. Our installations are suited for both residential and industrial requirements.

Why install Gabion baskets:

Reasons to install Gabion walls range from aesthetics to engineering – not only is it simple to install, it is also, in most cases, more affordable than any other retaining wall. Being sustainable is another major factor.

If you need any more reasons to install Gabion structures, see below:


1. Aesthetics

Recently, Gabions have become highly popular for use in architectural and landscaping projects and this is because of its aesthetic qualities – it adds a unique touch to any building or landscape and can also blend in to its surroundings.


2. Environmentally Friendly

Studies have shown that Gabion retaining solutions have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than concrete installations. It is also possible for vegetation to grow within the cavities of the wall.


3. Suitable for assorted applications

Gabion baskets and walls are flexible and can be installed in various areas, as part of different projects. To meet sustainability demands, many landscaping and architectural designs now incorporate these retaining walls.


4. Durable

Due to its nature, Gabions may become tougher over time as the structure is reinforced by vegetation and sand, ensuring that it is ultra-durable.


If you are interested in installing Gabion baskets or walls on your property, feel free to get in touch with our expert team to discuss your requirements.



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